A new way of flying





> 1h


3D optimized


10 Km

Doubled autonomy and payload

The ANDURANCE UAV is equipped with a technological innovation: the TIP-PROP.
By reinventing the wings of the drone, ANDURANCE delivers a range and a payload unmatched on the market.


The more you know, the better you decide. Aerial views add a strategic dimension to all your decisions.

To better understand the needs of your crops, detect the relief of a terrain, map the composition of the land; all the data reported by your drone is precious to your operations

The solutions come from above..

Current UAV solutions are often limited to a very short range (around 20 minutes), which makes their use problematic or even incompatible with the needs of professionals.

ANDURANCE allows you to break this barrier of autonomy, unleashes your creativity and allows you to work in peace and quiet without fear of battery failure.

A drone tailored to your needs. And the world is changing.

ANDURANCE is a revolution in UAV industry. Its propulsion technology, the TIP-PROP system gives it a much longer range and transport capacity than what is available on the market.You can fly for more than 1 hour with 4kg load, travel 10km at a cruising speed of 50km/h.
The TIP-PROP technology is patented by ANEMOS TECHNOLOGIES.


Fly longer ! Fly further!

ANDURANCE technology optimizes flight time: your batteries allow you to travel at least twice as far as traditional offers in complete peace of mind. You can focus on another problem than time!

This high autonomy extends the area of the area you can fly over.

ANDURANCE’s operating software is compatible with most flight planning solutions on the market.


The sky is yours.
The payload on board the UAV is of your choice. High definition camera, spectral sensor, radio transmitter or other. The ANDURANCE on board gimbal is compatible with the majority of tools available on the market.

ANDURANCE, supports you to lead of your own innovation.

Contact us and talk about your challenge. If your issue is related to range or on-board payload, there is no doubt that we can solve it with the help of ANDURANCE.