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Anemos Technologies, as part of the design and construction of its ANDURANCE UAV, has acquired and put into practice a significant number of skills. Building a drone requires an extremely wide range of skills.
These skills range from aerodynamics to mechanical design, embedded electronics and embedded computing.
We deploy all our skills to support your projects. Let’s talk about it, we will be able to find a solution to a large number of your problems.
In addition, we are CIR/CII approved. We can therefore enable you to benefit from an interesting financial support for the research and development work you entrust to us.
Some of our services and developments generate patents. We have great experience working with an intellectual property firm to assist you in the protection of your intellectual property.
ANDURANCE has been aerodynamically optimized to maximize its range.
We do:
– optimize the wing/blade profile for your application
– make and prototype a custom-made propeller (between 10 and 40 cm in diameter)
– optimize the geometric parameters of your product
– mechanically simulate the behaviour of your aircraft in different weather conditions.
We are equipped with CAD licenses for this purpose.
To develop ANDURANCE, we needed a specific dedicated electronics, so we created it. This creative capacity allows us to adapt very precisely to your specifications. We have a predilection for electronic realizations based on STM32 microprocessor and communication on CAN bus.

Here is the list of services we can provide for you:

– production of PCBs,

– series production and subcontracted prototyping.

– system programming,

– validation of the bench.

We are equipped with CAD licenses for this purpose.


Mechanics is the final touch to the drone. It is what you see, it is the tip of the iceberg. Even if mechanics is no longer the main part of a drone today, it must be irreproachable in terms of design and reliability.
Here is the list of services we can provide for you:

– functional study of your product and simplification
– choice of components,
– operating diagram of the assembly
– usage and design studies
– CAD design
– photorealistic rendering
– mechanical simulation of your product.

We are equipped with CAD licenses for this purpose.

Coding plays a major role in the design of an UAV. The ardupilot code, which is one of the most widely used open source codes on the market, contains more than 700,000 programming lines.

Such apparent complexity cannot be mastered without a minimum of skills and experience in this area. Our engineers, some of whom have more than 10 years of experience in programming, are able to meet your challenge.

Despite this ability to understand the most complicated algorithms, our adage is as follows:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

We can take an existing code and adapt it to your needs and specifications or program it from the beginning.

Here is the list of services we can provide for you:

– drafting of specifications

– transfer of an existing code.

– writing a test booklet

– submission on github or bitbucket

– C/C++ programming

– management of your internal development team


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